Your Story Has Value - Capture It and Be Rewarded
Your Story Has Value - Capture It and Be Rewarded


What information do you need to register my account?

We will require you to provide your name, your email address, and under certain circumstances, telephone number in order to register your Vocit account. In the case of a business account, we may also ask you to provide us with your business registration information.

Can any user from any country register a Vocit account?
Do you store personal information?
What about exchanged pictures?


Is a user account free to register? 
For what purpose can businesses use my provided pictures? 
Does registering an independent user account make me an employee of Vocit?
Can I claim any other compensation apart from the reward promised by the business I provide user generated content to?

No. Vocit does not reward users with any type of compensation, besides the agreed upon payment with the corresponding business who requests for the user generated content.

Can I provide businesses with pictures that are not mine?
What if the business does not fulfil its reward for my user content?


Is a business account free to register? 

Yes, you can sign up for a free business account here to start engaging customers for pictures to use for business marketing purposes. However, the free business account is for trial purposes only and has limitations.

How can I enjoy all the features of a business account?

If you are enjoying your trial run of your business account and would love to unlock all the features, you will be charged for a monthly subscription or a onetime payment for your use of the website.

What if I decide to cancel my account? Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund. It is our sincere hope that you love our services so much that you continue to use it. If you, however, are no longer interested in our services, you can cancel your subscription.

How am I permitted to use the user generated content that I receive from independent users?

You are only allowed to use any received picture for your business marketing operations only. You are not allowed to resell the picture, and may not use such pictures with any intention to embarrass or harass the people, animals or objects contained in it.

What if there is any dispute between me and the user?

We encourage all businesses and independent users to resolve disputes amongst themselves. Where we choose to intervene, you accept that we will never be liable for the outcome of any such disputes.